Callrica has developed a series of products and services geared towards maximising your call centre investment. Our products and services tackle two key areas:

Setup your call centre operation

Setting up your call centre can be a daunting task. Callrica's design, outsource and technology-path methodologies fast track this process by providing clear roadmaps for a successful call centre implementation.

Design Path

Design Path guides you through the pitfalls of setting up your call centre operation, ensuring a rapid ROI. Design Path translates your unique business requirements into a practical operational call centre design.

Outsource Path

Outsource Path is a proven methodology that ensures that your call centre operation is swiftly and effeciently outsourced and managed. Our on-the-ground team will project manage the entire rollout based on your requirements.

Technology Path.

With the ever increasing choice in technology and technology vendors, use callrica to make sense of it all. Our vast experience and our independent view of technology platforms will ensure that you find the right tool for the job

Manage your call centre operation


Getting your call centre to perform to the highest levels of quality is no small feat. Companies traditionally spend millions of rands on developing their own internal quality assurrance teams. Callrica's unique call quality system, Ensure, gives you a unique view of your quality of the your call centre.

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