Overview of the Ensure Call Quality Management Programme

Most companies struggle to gauge how effective their call centre actually is. Ensure is a unique service that provides an independent, scientific view of your customer's interactions with your call centre.

Ensure provides an independent external view of your organisation.

By using Ensure, you are able to get a clear view of your customer’s experience, identify bottlenecks and quality issues. Potential risks areas are identified and training needs identified

The Ensure team will contact your call centre using the pre-defined call scenarios. Call scenarios test whether your business is geared to manage and appropriately handle the calls and ensure that the correct levels of customer service is provided.

A sample of calls that statistically represents the caller population is calculated. Using a calling schedule designed to ensure an even distribution of calls, the Ensure team makes contact with the call centre.

The Ensure team consists of specially trained Auditors who are trained to present call scenarios to the call centre, as a typical caller, and hen accurately and objectively record the outcomes. The results are collected and weighted using a balanced score card.

Monthly reports are generated detailing the customer experience results. The reports cover Call Quality, Service Efficiency, and Service Accessibility.

Ensure is excellent in managing the SLA's between outsourced call centre service providers and their client. Too often SLA's between an outsourced call centre service provider and the client are focused on numerical performance metrics and exclude a clear measure of conversational quality. Callrica provides an independent external view of the outsourced call centre service provider’s performance by measuring the quality of service provided.




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