Why use Ensure

Most large organisations struggle to achieve a consistent customer service experience. This is because there are either too many channels to manage, or insufficient resource allocated to properly identify the problems. Using Callrica’s Ensure program, an organisation can now accurately gauge a customer's contact experience.

The benefits of using Ensure are that you are able to gauge the effectiveness of your customer service strategies and quality assurance programs.

Where Ensure is effective:

• Introduction/change in internal organisation processes and gauge the impact of the change on customer service.

• Accurately track and measure first call resolution.

• Independent evaluation of outsourced call centre service provider performance

• Track and measure call quality across the entire organisation, including internal departments. Customer service is not confined to the call centre.

• Save the cost of setting up your own QA department. Internal QA departments are seldom effective due to the high cost of running them (voice recording etc…) and the often they are marginalised.

• Independently test fulfilment and delivery mechanisms.

• Stress test new services prior to going live.

• How well are you really doing?

• Is your customer service consistent across all touch points?

• Ensure provides an independent measure of call quality – essential in managing outsourced call centre operations.



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