South Africa, which supplies two-thirds of Africa's electricity, is one of the four cheapest electricity producers in the world. Parastatal Eskom is among the top five utilities in the world in terms of size and sales.

Eskom's 24 power stations, with a nominal capacity of 40 585 megawatts power, operate 365 days a year. It supplies approximately 95% of the country's electricity requirements, which equals more than half of the electricity generated on the African continent.

Seventy percent of South Africa’s population have access to electricity, well above the SADC average of around 20 %.

Eskom has 26 461 kilometres of transmission lines, which span the entire country and also carry power to neighbouring countries.



South Africa has one of the most modern and extensive transport infrastructures in Africa.

South Africa has approximately 148 licensed airports/aerodynamics, categorised as either public or private, including the nine major airports operated by the Airports Company of South Africa (Johannesburg International, Cape Town International, Durban International, East London, Port Elizabeth, George, Bloemfontein, Kimberley and Upington).

Air traffic control is provided by ACSA, with other traffic control providers at Bisho, Umtata, Pilanesberg and Gateway International (Polokwane). There are 53 foreign airlines providing active services in the country.

At Johannesburg International Airport, Passenger Traffic has climbed steadily over the past couple of years, with the figures now in excess of 11 million passengers a year, to become Africa's busiest airport

Cape Town International Airport is South Africa's second largest airport and a prime tourism gateway. Projections see the total number of passengers at Cape Town International increasing from 5 million in 2003, to 6.5 million by the year 2004, and to 14 million by 2015. Cargo throughput at the airport has also increased substantially and shows continued growth

South Africa's national road network currently covers 7 200km, with about 20 000km of primary roads planned in the future. The roads include 1 400km of dual carriageway freeway, 440km of single carriageway freeway and 5 300km of single-carriage main road with unlimited access. Approximately 1 900km are toll roads, serviced by 27 mainline toll plazas.


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